Al-Birka: a new beginners’ Arabic textbook

This was a very enjoyable editing job which combined my proofreading pedantry with my experience as an Arabic teacher. I was the editor of the English edition of a new textbook for beginner learners of Arabic, Al-Birka A1-, Introduction to Arabic letters. It has been published alongside the original Spanish-language edition by Arabic textbook specialists Albujayra. Focused exclusively on the basics of Arabic script, it’s a welcome addition to the market and is a very user-friendly and attractive text.

Title: Al-birka A1-, Introduction to Arabic letters

Authors: J. David Aguilar Cobos, Alejandro García Castillo, Sergio Palas Sánchez

English language editor: Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

Published by: Editorial Albujayra, 25 Sep 2014