Children’s and Young Adult

  • Anna Anisimova and Yulia Sidneva, The Invisible Elephant (forthcoming from Restless Books, 2023)
  • Amina Hashimi Alawi and Gulnar Hajo, What Can I see? (Editora Trinta Zero Nove, 2022)
  • Amina Hashimi Alawi and Maya Fidawi, Alya and the Three Cats (Editora Trinta Zero Nove, 2022)
  • Roman Belyaev, How Do Bridges Work? (B Small, 2020)
  • Yulia Yakovleva, The Raven’s Children (Puffin Books, 2018) ~ The Times’ Children’s book of the week, July 2018 ~ BookTrust In Other Words honour title, 2017
  • Kathrin Rohmann, Apple Cake and Baklava (Darf Publishers, 2018)
  • Katja Frixe, The Magical Bookshop (OneWorld, 2021)
  • Gulnar Hajo, Nour’s Escape (Darf Publishers, 2019)
  • Abir Ali and Gulnar Hajo, The Dot (Darf Publishers, 2019)
  • Ahlam Bsharat, Trees for the Absentees (co-translation with Sue Copeland, Neem Tree Press, 2019) ~ Shortlisted for the GLLI Translated YA Prize 2020 and for the Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize 2020 (crossover YA/adult literary fiction)
  • Thomas Bärnthaler, Now Make This (co-translation with Jessica West, Phaidon, 2018)

Adult fiction


Short stories

Extracts and sample chapters

Adult nonfiction


Articles and essays

Plays and film scripts

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