Fiction: novels, short stories, extracts

Book titles are in italics; short stories are in ‘quotation marks’

  • Katja Frixe, The Magic Story Shop (forthcoming from OneWorld, 2019)
  • Gulnar Hajo, Nour Escapes from Her Story (forthcoming from Darf Publishing, 2019)
  • Gulnar Hajo, The Tale of the Dot (forthcoming from Darf Publishing, 2019)
  • Ahlam Bsharat, Trees for Absentees (translated with Sue Copeland, forthcoming from Neem Tree Press, 2019)
  • Eman Abdel Rahim, ‘Two Sisters’ in The Book of Cairo (ed. Raph Cormack, Comma Press, forthcoming 2019)

Nonfiction: books, essays and articles

Book titles are in italics; essays and articles in ‘quotation marks’

Plays and film scripts

Unpublished samples and extracts

From Arabic

  • Youssef Ziedan, The Nabatean (sample for publisher, unpublished)
  • Laila al-Juhani, Ignorance (sample for publisher, unpublished)

From German

  • Stephan Orth, Couchsurfing in Iran (unpublished sample)
  • Christian Schünemann and Jelena Volić, Cornflower Blue: A Case for Milena Lukin (sample for publisher)

From Russian

  • Pyotr Vlasov, The Knight, The Cat and The Ballerina (full translation of middle grade novel; translated with Maria Kozlovskaya Wiltshire 2018, seeking a publisher)
  • Pyotr Vlasov, The Forgotten Autumn (middle grade novel; with Maria Kozlovskaya Wiltshire, 2019, seeking a publisher)
  • Yulia Yakovleva, Tinker Tailor (Вдруг охотник выбегает) (sample translated with Maria Kozlovskaya Wiltshire for BGS Literary Agency, 2018)
  • Leo Tolstoy, Prisoner of the Caucasus (extracts translated while teaching A Level Russian, 2009)
  • Yevgeny Grishkovets, The Shirt (Рубашка) (extracts for my MA dissertation, 2006)

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