Children’s books


  • Thomas Bärnthaler, Now Make This (translated with Jessica West, Phaidon, April 2018)
  • Kathrin Rohmann, Apple Cake and Baklava (Darf Publishing, April 2018)
  • Yulia Yakovleva, The Raven’s Children (forthcoming from Puffin Books, July 2018) * The Times Children’s book of the week; BookTrust In Other Words honour title *
  • Gulnar Hajo, Nour Escapes from Her Story (forthcoming from Darf Publishing, 2019)
  • Gulnar Hajo, The Tale of the Dot (forthcoming from Darf Publishing, 2019)

Fiction – adult






Short stories and excerpts

From Arabic


From German


  • Stephan Orth, Couchsurfing in Iran (unpublished sample, available on request, 2016)
  • Nino Haratischwilli, My Gentle Twin (co-translation, BCLT summer school 2013)
  • Irena Brežná, The Thankless Stranger (New Books in German, 2012)
  • Ursula Timea Rossel, Take Silver and Garlic, Add Soil and Salt (New Books in German, 2012)
  • Christian Schünemann and Jelena Volić, Cornflower Blue: A Case for Milena Lukin (sample for publisher, unpublished)

From Russian

  • Yulia Yakovleva, Tinker Tailor (Вдруг охотник выбегает; sample for BGS Literary Agency, 2018)
  • Yevgeny Grishkovets, The Shirt (Рубашка; extracts for my MA dissertation, 2006)
  • Leo Tolstoy, Prisoner of the Caucasus (extracts, unpublished)

Film scripts and subtitles

Media articles and essays


  • Samar Yazbek, Divisions or unity? Art and the reality behind the stereotype – in the anthology Life is Elsewhere: Journeys Through World Literature (Pushkin Press, November 2015)
  • Samar Yazbek, The turmoil of today’s world: leading writers respond to the refugee crisis (The Guardian, 12 September 2015)
  • Khalid al-Maaly, Interview with poet and publisher Khalid al-Maaly (Art and Thought/Fikrun wa Fann magazine 2015, vol. 103 ‘On Literature‘, page 62, print edition only)
  • Ziad Abdullah, Edward Said: The late author was just in time, The New Arab, 3 January 2015
  • Sascha Feuchert and Charlotte Knobloch, Should Hitler’s Mein Kampf be republished? Index on Censorship 3/2014, and Eurozine 2014
  • Thomas Rothschild, The new divide – Index on Censorship, 2014
  • Samar Yazbek, The novelist vs. the revolutionary: my own Syrian debate – The Washington Post, Sept 2013
  • Samar Yazbek, I write with blind eyes and forty fingers – Index on Censorship, 2013
  • Judith Nahrwold, A letter from Istanbul (1), (2) and (3) – Everyday Rebellion, 2013
  • Turkey, at the heart of the Kurdish question, by Ulrich Schwerin – Cafe Babel, 2005
  • Sarah Rüffler, Stanislaw Mucha: the quest for the centre – Cafe Babel, 2005
  • Max Conrad, The end of a left-wing fantasy – Cafe Babel, 2005
  • Alfred Schramm, Extremism vs. the centre-right – Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Tobias Troll, No progress, just stalling  – Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Tobias Troll, The EU’s missing Africa strategy  – Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Martin Schneider, Across the Rhine, through thick and thin  – Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Sarah Elsing, The EU’s Eastern Border: The New Iron Curtain – Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Martin Schneider, Thank You, England! Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Robin Rudolph, The Commercial Exploitation of Fear  – Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Jakob Horstmann, Shame on Cyprus for Wasting a Great Opportunity – Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Sten Zeibig, Fighting Evil With Evil  – Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Jakob Horstmann, A ‘Privileged Partnership’ – Cafe Babel, 2004
  • Martin Schneider, The Old Ghost is Haunting the New Media – Cafe Babel, 2004

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