Forthcoming books

Kathrin Rohmann, Apple Cake and Baklava (Darf Publishing, 2018)

Thomas Bärnthaler, DIY Kids (Phaidon, 2017) – co-translation with Jessica West

Published books

farewell-to-the-horseUlrich Raulff, Farewell to the Horse: The Final Century of Our Relationship (Allen Lane, Penguin Random House, May 2017)

olzhas-suleimenovOlzhas Suleimenov, The Prehistory of the Turkic Speaking Peoples (translated with Ian Appleby; TEAS Press, 2016)

sacrifice Hanna Winter, Sacrifice (Manilla Books, 2016)

LIfe is ElsewhereDivisions or unity? Art and the reality behind the stereotype, by Samar Yazbek – in the anthology Life is Elsewhere: Journeys Through World Literature (Pushkin Press, November 2015)

Samar yazbek The crossing coverSamar Yazbek, The Crossing: My Journey to the Shattered Heart of Syria (Rider Books, July 2015; joint translation from Arabic with Nashwa Gowanlock)

thebrideofamman_v6-01Fadi Zaghmout, The Bride of Amman (Signal 8 Press)

Kitezh: a community approach to raising children in RussiaDimitry Morozov, Kitezh: a Community Approach to Raising Children in Russia, (Eland 2008)


Lucien Bourjeily, For Your Eyes Only, Sir/Knife Edge (extract in Index on Censorship, spring 2015, vol. 44)

another-europeMudar al Haggi, When Farah Cries (joint translation from Arabic with Nashwa Gowanlock), in: Another Europe: the Book, published by the European Cultural Foundation

Ilya Chlaki, In the Park (joint translation from Russian with Francisca Everduim) –  performed by [Foreign Affairs] theatre company, London, August 2014

Lucien Bourjeily, Will it pass or not? (extracts, Index on Censorship, December 2013 vol. 42, 4 pp. 134-148)

Children’s fiction / Young Adult

Kathrin Rohmann, Apple Cake and Baklava (Darf Publishing, 2018)

Thomas Bärnthaler, DIY Kids (Phaidon, 2017) – co-translation with Jessica West

Translated 4 Arabic children’s books for Outside in World Reading the Way project:

* Nadine Kaadan, Answer Me, Leila

* Nahla Ghandour and Jana Traboulsi, She and the Others

* Fairuz Qardan al-Baalbaki, Reading with Rafraf

* Ru’ya Awada al-Hajj, Who’s the Fairest?

Short stories and extracts from novels (Arabic)

index-magazine-cover-autumn2016-620Basma Abdel Aziz, Bottled Up (Index on Censorship, Does anonymity need to be defended? Autumn 2016)

The Common 11 Anis Arafai, Minouche (The Common, Issue 11 Tajdeed: Contemporary Arabic Fiction, 2016)

Habib Abdulrab Sarori, The Daughter of Suslov (Banipal 52, 2015)

Mustafa Khalife, The Shell (two extracts for the And Other Stories Arabic reading group 2013; second extract here; both published in The Massachusetts Review: Mediterranean edition, December 2014)

Laila al-Othman, The Abaya of al-Kadhim (Banipal 47, 2013)

Ezzedine Choukri Fishere, Abu Omar the Egyptian  (First Lines journal vol 2, 2013, available on request)

Ibrahim Eissa, Our Master (The Televangelist) (Banipal 46, 2013, and the International Prize for Arabic Fiction shortlisted authors brochure 2013)

Mohammed Hasan Alwan,  The Beaver (co-translation, BCLT summer school 2012)

Youssef ZiedanThe Nabatean (sample for publisher, unpublished)

Laila al-Juhani, Ignorance (sample for publisher, unpublished)

Short stories and extracts from novels and non-fiction (German)

Stephan Orth, Couchsurfing in Iran (unpublished sample, available on request, 2016)

Nino Haratischwilli, My Gentle Twin (co-translation, BCLT summer school 2013)

Irena Brežná, The Thankless Stranger (New Books in German, 2012)

Ursula Timea Rossel, Take Silver and Garlic, Add Soil and Salt (New Books in German, 2012)

Christian Schünemann and Jelena Volić, Cornflower Blue: A Case for Milena Lukin (sample for publisher, unpublished)

Short stories and extracts from novels (Russian)

Yevgeny GrishkovetsThe Shirt (extracts for my MA dissertation, 2006)

 Leo Tolstoy, Prisoner of the Caucasus (extracts, unpublished)

Film scripts and subtitles

Casting, a screenplay by Palestinian directors Tarzan and Arab (translation from Arabic)

A Farewell to Arms: From Belfast to the Balkansdocumentary by Armenian director Levon Kalantar (translation from Russian)

Jamila Jad, a documentary about Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by Global Lives Project (English subtitles from Arabic)

Media articles and essays

The turmoil of today’s world: leading writers respond to the refugee crisis – contribution by Samar Yazbek (The Guardian, 12 September 2015)

Interview with poet and publisher Khalid al-Maaly – Art and Thought/Fikrun wa Fann magazine 2015, vol. 103 ‘On Literature‘, page 62 (print edition only)

Edward Said: The late author was just in time, by Ziad Abdullah – Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, 3 January 2015

Should Hitler’s Mein Kampf be republished? Head-to-head debate between Sascha Feuchert and Charlotte Knobloch  – Index on Censorship 3/2014, and Eurozine 2014

The new divide, by Thomas Rothschild – Index on Censorship, 2014

The novelist vs. the revolutionary: my own Syrian debate, by Samar Yazbek – The Washington Post, Sept 2013

I write with blind eyes and forty fingers, by Samar Yazbek – Index on Censorship, 2013

A letter from Istanbul (1), (2) and (3), by Judith Nahrwold – Everyday Rebellion, 2013

Turkey, at the heart of the Kurdish question, by Ulrich Schwerin – Cafe Babel, 2005

Stanislaw Mucha: the quest for the centre, by Sarah Rüffler – Cafe Babel, 2005

The end of a left-wing fantasy, by Max Conrad – Cafe Babel, 2005

Extremism vs. the centre-right, by Alfred Schramm – Cafe Babel, 2004

No progress, just stalling, by Tobias Troll – Cafe Babel, 2004

The EU’s missing Africa strategy, by Tobias Troll – Cafe Babel, 2004

Across the Rhine, through thick and thin, by Martin Schneider – Cafe Babel, 2004

The EU’s Eastern Border: The New Iron Curtain, by Sarah Elsing – Cafe Babel, 2004

Thank You England! by Martin Schneider – Cafe Babel, 2004

The Commercial Exploitation of Fear, by Robin Rudolph – Cafe Babel, 2004

Shame on Cyprus for Wasting a Great Opportunity, by Jakob Horstmann – Cafe Babel, 2004

Fighting Evil With Evil, by Sten Zeibig – Cafe Babel, 2004

A ‘Privileged Partnership’, by Jakob Horstmann – Cafe Babel, 2004

The Old Ghost is Haunting the New Media, by Martin Schneider – Cafe Babel,  2004

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