What I translated in 2017… and what’s out in 2018

This year has been an extremely busy one with some very enjoyable and satisfying books to translate. I’ve fulfilled a personal ambition: I was hoping to translate one novel from each of my three languages by the time I was 40. I’ve done that a bit early (not telling you how early!). It’s also been a longstanding ambition to get into children’s books, and I’ve … Continue reading What I translated in 2017… and what’s out in 2018

Leningrad Tales: The Raven’s Children 

  Leningrad, 1938. When Shura and Tanya’s parents and little brother suddenly disappear in the middle of the night, it’s rumoured that they have been taken by the mysterious Black Raven – and that their parents were spies. Tanya and Shura are determined to find their family – and so Shura decides to hand himself in to the Raven. He is taken to the Grey … Continue reading Leningrad Tales: The Raven’s Children 

Apple Cake and Baklava

Apple Cake and Baklava, by Kathrin Rohmann, is a novel for late primary kids and early secondary, dealing with asylum, how it feels to be a refugee, parallels between WWII and Syria, grandmas, recipes, a lost walnut that means the world and a budding friendship between Max and Leila. I love this book and can’t wait to see it in UK schools and libraries from … Continue reading Apple Cake and Baklava