Leningrad Tales: The Raven’s Children 

Leningrad, 1938.  When Shura and Tanya’s parents and little brother suddenly disappear in the middle of the night, it’s rumoured that they have been taken by the mysterious Black Raven – and that their parents were spies. Tanya and Shura are determined to find their family – and so Shura decides to hand himself in to the Raven. He is taken to the Grey House, … Continue reading Leningrad Tales: The Raven’s Children 

The Prehistory of the Turkic-Speaking Peoples

Slavic and Turkish languages have been studied separately for many years. This book offers scientific and theoretical hypotheses on the roots of the two cultures, which historically were in close contact with each other, as well as on the interrelated development of the Slavic and Turkic ethnic groups. This work also contains valuable information and perspectives on the development of grammatical rules shared by the … Continue reading The Prehistory of the Turkic-Speaking Peoples

Shortlisted for an Arts Foundation fellowship 2016

My head is still reeling after attending one of the most exciting arts events I’ve ever been invited to. There were children’s theatre entrepreneurs, people who stage symphonies in unusual locations, innovative jewellery designers and the creator of the world’s first sustainable fabric made from pineapple leaves, Pinatex. A truly inspiring celebration of young people in the arts. And not only was I wined and … Continue reading Shortlisted for an Arts Foundation fellowship 2016

Russian drama in translation

A short play I co-translated was performed as part of a showcase event of international theatre in translation, in celebration of [Foreign Affairs] theatre company’s 4th anniversary. The ‘By Invitation Only’ pop-up theatre event was an exciting mash-up of scenes from a selection of classic and contemporary plays. Five of the pieces were brand new translations commissioned by [Foreign Affairs] for the night. See the … Continue reading Russian drama in translation