Hundred: What You Learn in a Lifetime

By Heike Faller (author), Valerio Vidali (illustrator), Günther Krumming and Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp (translators)

Published in the UK by Particular Books (Penguin Random House) and in the USA by Celadon Books

Do you want to know what life has in store? It’s all here in this book. All the little things we learn in the course of our lives. A page a year, from nought to a hundred.

This is delightful picture book for all ages exploring how we age and what we learn along the way. It’s a quirky picture book for adults more than for children, but it would also make a lovely one to browse together.


‘Now this is a truly wonderful book, about life, love, age, about all of us. I gave it to look at to a 7 year old who sat with her 75 year old grandmother, and both were intent, deeply engaged, the one full of questions, the other searching still for answers. A remarkable and important book!’

– Michael Morpurgo

‘100 years of a person’s life and each one (and sometimes in between years too) accompanied by a sentence containing a life lesson, and a picture. The idea is simple. The execution is brilliant.’

– Tim Roast, Goodreads reviewer

It’s the book’s mix of playfulness and poignancy that makes it compelling, and even though some of the statements feel time-worn, Vidali’s illustrations cast them in a new light.

– Emma Tucker, Creative Review

About the author

HEIKE FALLER is an editor at the Zeit magazine in Germany. Hundred is her first book published in the United States.

About the illustrator

VALERIO VIDALI is an Italian illustrator who lives in Berlin. His work has received many awards, and two of his books have been selected by the New York Times for Best Illustrated Books, in 2013 for Jemmy Button and in 2018 for The Forest.