Small Gases, Big Effect: This is Climate Change

Written by David Nelles and Christian Serrer. Translated from German by Bernard Oelkers, Vincent Norris and Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp. Published in March 2021 by Particular Books.

When students David Nelles and Christian Serrer struggled to find a book that explained the nuts and bolts of climate change in a way that was comprehensive, concise and enjoyable to read, they decided to write it themselves.

With meticulous research corroborated by over 100 scientists, Small Gases, Big Effect summarizes all the latest findings on the causes and effects of climate change. Combining clear, thoughtful writing with illuminating graphics, it is a little book that presents complex scientific evidence in a way that everyone will find easy to understand.


‘It’s found its way into more than 350,000 German homes. It’s been read by Merkel’s agriculture minister and at least 37 MPs in the Bundestag. It’s a set text in universities, engineering conglomerates and the European Central Bank. Yet the most remarkable thing about it is that, in an age of inexorably hardening political battle lines, it is really changing minds.’

~ Oliver Moody, The Times

‘Small Gases, Big Effect explains climate change with the help of more than 100 scientists, presenting complex science in a way that everyone will find easy to understand.’

~ New Scientist