Since 2004, I have provided copyediting, proofreading and bilingual quality assurance services for a wide variety of clients in the publishing, commercial and charity sectors.

Most of my work has been reviewing and revising texts translated by colleagues from Arabic, German or Russian, but I also edit texts written in English and have worked on texts translated from Spanish and French, too.

Some examples of my editing work:

code name butterflyThe-Jasmine-Sneeze-Cover-3-300x295novel of the worldsea of wordsalbirka

* Nadine Kaadan, The Jasmine Sneeze (Lantana Publishing, 2016) – a delightful picture book about Haroon the cat and the jasmine trees of Damascus

* The Novel of the World – I edited the English translation by Nashwa Gowanlock of various Arabic short stories and essays for an anthology of international writing by 104 female authors about food (Women for Expo + Expo Milano 2015)

* Ahlam Bsharat, Code Name: Butterfly, – I copyedited the English translation by Nancy Roberts (Neem Tree Press, 2016) – a funny and quirky young adult story of young love, teenage idealism and conflict in Israel and Palestine

* Al-Birka: Introduction to Arabic letters and sounds (Albujayra, 2014; English-language editor)

* Zaina Erhaim, Abdullah Khaldoun AlSbaihi, Eyad Barghuty – I copyedited the English translation of 3 short stories shortlisted for the IeMED ‘Sea of Words’ short story contest 2009 (published in PDF anthology available here)



My rates vary depending on the kind of edit required. See the descriptions below and if you’re still unsure what kind of editing your text requires, this article is very helpful and the Society for Editors and Proofreaders also gives useful advice about rates and services.


(English only)

This is the most straightforward and the quickest form of editing, and focuses on eliminating typos, grammatical errors and misuse of words which an automated spellchecker would not notice. It’s the final net to catch any errors that might have slipped through.


(English only)

For me, copy-editing involves more intervention than proofreading, but less research and intervention than a heavy stylistic edit. When copy-editing, I apply the publisher’s or client’s house style guide or revise the text in line with the preferences of the target audience (which can include what is referred to in the industry as ‘localisation’).

Stylistic edit

(English only)

In this case, I focus on editing the text for flow, clarity and ease of reading, and for stylistic consistency within the narrative or genre. I may suggest substantial changes to sentence structure or vocabulary, and where necessary, and if the client wishes, I explain my suggestions with comments in the margin.

Bilingual checking and editing 

(of texts translated from Arabic, German or Russian)

I carry out this kind of very detailed edit when a client requires confirmation of the accuracy of a translated text in comparison with the original source text, but also wants to improve the English text stylistically. I carry out a close bilingual review of a text when I assess sample translations for translation agencies. The time this takes depends greatly on the kind of text and the technical research required.

Bilingual checking and stylistic commentary

(of texts translated from Arabic, German or Russian)

I regularly assess test translations by new translators applying to work with translation agencies, and also act as a mentor to translators preparing for the professional IoLET Diploma in Translation. In these situations I provide a thorough assessment service based on bilingual textual comparison, with feedback on the success of the translation in terms of accuracy, style and register.

* * *

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your editing or proofreading requirements.

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