PEN Translates grant for A History of the World With the Women Put Back In It

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The news is nearly a month old now but I’m still thrilled that the book I’m working hard on right now with Jessica West has been awarded a PEN Translates grant.

A History of the World with the Women Put Back In is an exciting retelling of global history by German historians Kerstin Lücker and Ute Daenschel. I’m co-translating it with Jessica West for The History Press, and publication is scheduled for September 2019.

Aimed at teenagers and newcomers to narrative history, it’s an exploration of the ideologies and faiths that have been at the heart of human society since before history even existed. Going a step further than the books currently on the market about game-changing women in history, this book examines the context: why were those women so remarkable? Why were they exceptional? This is a history of sexism, of the ideas and assumptions that pushed women out of history making and history telling. This wonderful book puts them back in again.