Books I’m working on – for publication in 2019

I’ve had a few lovely weekends away already this summer as well as a fabulous week camping and going to two music festivals in Norfolk, but now it’s time to get my head down, sadly, as I pretty much failed in my plan to have the summer off with my boys. It seemed that at some point in the last year I started saying yes to all the projects I was offered, instead of no, so it’s turned into another crazily busy one.

These are the books I’m translating this year, to be published in 2019. And below are the books I’ve been working on samples of, getting ready to pitch to publishers in the hope of lining up projects for next year.

 The Forest User Manual – Peter Wohlleben

(from German)

This lovely book already has a listing at Waterstones but I haven’t quite finished the translation yet. This is the main job that has been keeping me busy, and very happy, this year.

Forthcoming in spring 2019, from Rider Books


Trees for Absentees – Ahlam Bsharat

(co-translation with Sue Copeland, from Arabic)

A lovely dreamy and philosophical novella from the mind of a teenage Palestinian girl

Forthcoming from Neem Tree Press, 2019


The Magical Bookshop – Katja Frixe

(from German. Title to be confirmed. Original: Der zauberhafte Wunschbuchladen)

I’ve been so enjoying translating this gorgeous middle grade novel, with yet more talking animals (see The Raven’s Children and the Hermitage cats below!). This one has a cat that speaks in rhyming couplets – that’s been keeping me busy!

The History of the World with the Women Put Back In – Ute Daenschel / Kerstin Lücker

(from German. Original title: Weltgeschichte für junge Leserinnen)

I’m co-translating this fantastic general history title with Jessica West for The History Press. As with the others, I can’t wait to tell the world about it … but had better get on with finishing it first!

Planned publication date: September 2019


Looking for an English publisher…

The Knight, the Cat and the Ballerina: the Adventures of the Hermitage Cats – Pyotr Vlasov

(From Russian. Original title: Рыцарь, кот и балерина. Приключения эрмитажных котов)

Maria Wiltshire and I been co-translating this fabulous tale of of the cats of St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum, who come to the rescue of the spirit of Peter the Great when a pact with the devil comes back to bite him…

We can’t wait to share this novel for ages 11+ with children’s book publishers. More to follow in September!