Apple Cake and Baklava

Apple Cake and Baklava, by Kathrin Rohmann, is a novel for late primary kids and early secondary, dealing with asylum, how it feels to be a refugee, parallels between WWII and Syria, grandmas, recipes, a lost walnut that means the world and a budding friendship between Max and Leila.

I love this book and can’t wait to see it in UK schools and libraries from summer 2018. I’m even already planning a German-Syrian-English baking class at a local cafe for a Gloucestershire launch event! I am hugely grateful to a number of friends who helped with baking vocabulary and tested the recipes for me: the novel ends with three delicious recipes for Lebkuchen, and the eponymous Apfelkuchen and Baklava.

My translation will be published by Darf Publishers in 2018, with support for the translation costs from the Goethe Institut, UK. There are more details about the book here on the New Books in German website.

‘Apple Cake and Baklava is a story about otherness, openness and the willingness to come to know one another. Many children will be aware of the latest surge of refugees and their plight. Leila’s is a sadly universal and timeless story of leaving behind a home country forever. While set in rural Northern Germany, it could equally take place in most European countries.

This is an absorbing book for older primary and younger middle-school children, and Franziska Harvey’s lovely black-and-white illustrations – some small, some full page – enrich the story.’ (New Books in German)